Aja Frary Thanks for keeping me moving!

- Aja Frary, USA Track and Field, Heptathlon, Long Jump

“I have used Graston Technique for many years. I find it to be one of the best solutions for helping to recovery from injuries. Graston breaks up scar tissue and strips the muscles helping them to recovery. I recommend Graston to anyone looking for faster recovery”

Marshall Faulk, #28 NFL

“Not only as a professional golfer but as someone with a very active lifestyle, living healthy and pain free is my top personal goal… Graston will change lives forever!!!!”

Lennie Clements, PGA

"Thanks for the outstanding treatment and excellent 1 on 1 attention."

– J.R. Tolver, NFL


“Dr. Mar provides us the care and treatment we need to succeed on the field! She is always available to us, always there to help us bounce back from injuries and achieve our highest state of health. Dr. Mar provides us with the tools and resources we need as professional NFL Cheerleaders to always perform our best!”

Lisa Simmons, San Diego Charger Girls Director

"I could always count on Dr.Llantada to keep me healthy for each game."

– Freddie Jones, NFL

"Thanks Dr.Llantada for getting me back on my feet."

– Az-Zahir Hakim, NFL

Aja Frary

"Thank you sooo much! You helped me make the team!"

– Sheila Burrell, 2004 US Olympic Team Heptathlon

"I've been coming to Dr. Mar for regular Endermologie sessions for nearly two years, and it's made a huge improvement in my generally poor circulation, plus has helped with overall appearance of my figure. I exercise regularly, but Endermologie provides that extra dose of smoothing out and defining areas we all worry about like the thighs, buttocks and legs. I get compliments on those areas now. It's also very therapeutic and relaxing; I'd definitely recommend it as part of any wellness regimen."

– Sarah Daoust, Senior Editor, 944 Magazine

"Thanks for all the help. I couldn't have done it without you."

– Chad Smith, USA Track and Field, Decathlete

"Dr.Llantada and the entire staff at SD Center for Health, made rehab such a positive experience. They have mastered the art of dealing with matters of the body and creating a relaxing atmosphere!!"

– Miesha McKelvy- Jones, USA Track and Field, 100m Hurdles

"Thanks for getting my body right. Stay on top of the medical game"

– Akbar Gbaja Biamila, San Diego Chargers & Oakland Raiders

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