drland28Optimal health is achieved by addressing and maximizing three main components: physical (structural), chemical (nutrition) and emotional (stress). Optimal health can be achieved by evaluating and addressing these three main components.

By looking at the body from a three dimensional kinetic perspective, All doctors have developed a systematic method for accomplishing dramatically improved postural change, neuromuscular function, flexibility, strength, reduced joint and connective tissue stress, and balanced internal physiology. Our team of experienced, dedicated and caring specialists are committed to getting every patient the fastest and most complete results possible.

The San Diego Center for Health is a full service health and wellness center. Our team of professionals have the education and experience to help you achieve optimum health. These pages do not provide all the information you need to make a final decision- that can only be done by consultation with the Doctors at the center.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs and allow us to answer your questions. We are a caring and concerned center for health, with a goal of achieving the health and lifestyle you deserve